Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Engine Mechanical System Cooling System
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  1. Wait until radiator is cool (less than 38C, 100F). Loosen radiator cap.

  1. Confirm that the coolant level is up to the filler neck.

  1. Install a radiator cap tester to the radiator filler neck and apply 139.3 KPa (19.9 psi, 1.4 kg/cm2) pressure. Maintain pressure for two minutes, while checking for leakage from the radiator, hoses or connections.

    Radiator coolant may be extremely hot. Do not open the system while it is hot, or scalding water could spray out causing personal injury. Allow vehicle to be cooled down before servicing this system.
    Be sure to completely clean away any moisture from the places checked. When the tester is removed, be careful not to spill any coolant from it. Be careful, when installing and removing the tester and when testing, not to deform the filler neck of the radiator.
  1. If there is leakage, repair or replace the appropriate part.