Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2001
Transaxle/Transmission Automatic Transaxle System
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  1. Drain the automatic transaxle fluid.

  1. Remove the oil pan.

  1. Remove the oil filter.

  1. Remove the oil temperature sensor.

  1. Press the tab of the solenoid valve harness grommet and push in.

  1. Remove the valve body assembly. The manual valve can come out, so be careful not to drop it.

  1. Turn the adjustment screw of the regulator valve and adjust so that the line pressure (kickdown brake pressure) reaches the standard value. When the adjustment screw is turned clockwise, the line pressure becomes higher, when it is turned counter-clockwise, it becomes lower.

    Standard value 8.77-9.18 kg·cm ( 860-900 kPa, 122-129 psi )
    Oil pressure change for each turn of adjusting screw 0.39 kg·cm ( 38 kPa, 5.4 psi )
  1. Check to be sure that the O-ring is installed on the upper surface of the valve body at the place shown in the figure.

  1. Replace the O-ring of the solenoid valve connector with a new one.

  1. Install the valve body assembly to the case and then insert the solenoid valve connector into the case. Be sure, at this time, that the notched part of the connector faces as shown in the figure. Also be careful that the lead wiring isn't caught.

  1. Tighten the ten (10) valve body assembly mounting bolts to 10-12Nm (100-120, 7-9 lb.ft).

    1. A: 25 mm (0.709 in.) long
    2. B: 35 mm (0.984 in.) long
    3. C: 40 mm (1.575 in.) long
  1. Install the oil filter.

  1. Install a new oil pan gasket with the oil pan.

  1. Pour in the specified amount of Automatic transaxle fluid.

  1. Make the oil pressure test. Readjust if necessary.