Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Transaxle/Transmission Automatic Transaxle System
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  1. Remove parts up to the oil filter in the same way as for line pressure adjustment. The valve body need not be removed.

  1. Turn the adjustment screw of the lower valve body and adjust so that the reducing pressure is the standard value. When the adjustment screw is turned to the clockwise, the reducing pressure becomes lower; when it is turned to the counter clockwise, it becomes higher.

    When adjusting the reducing pressure, aim for the center value (420 kpa, 60 psi) of the standard value allowance.
    Adjustment screw of the lower valve body 420 20 kPa (4.2 0.2 kg/cm2, 2.6 1 psi)
    Oil pressure change for each turn of the adjustment screw 22 kPa (0.22 kg/cm2, 4.3 psi)
  1. Install the oil filter and oil pan in the same way as for adjustment of the line pressure.

  1. Make the oil pressure test. Readjust if necessary.

    This adjustment should be made at an oil temperature of 80-90C (176-194F). If the adjustment is made at a temperature that is too high, the line pressure will drop during idling, with the result that it might not be possible to make the correct adjustment.