Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Transaxle/Transmission Automatic Transaxle System
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Because the automatic transaxle is composed of component parts of an especially high degree of precision, these parts should be very carefully handled during disassembly and assembly so as not to scar or scratch them.
A rubber mat should be placed on the workbench, and it should always be kept clean.
During disassembly, cloth gloves or rags should not be used. If such items must be used, use articles made of nylon, or use paper towels.
All disassembled parts must be thoroughly cleaned. Metal parts may be cleaned with ordinary detergents, but must be thoroughly air dried.
Clean the clutch disc, resin thrust plate and rubber parts by using ATF (automatic transaxle fluid), being very careful that dust, dirt, etc. do not adhere. If the transaxle main unit is damaged, also disassemble and clean the cooler system as well.
  1. Clean away any sand, mud, etc. adhered around the transaxle.

  1. Place the transaxle assembly on the workbench with the oil pan down.

  1. Remove the torque converter.

  1. Measuring input shaft end play before disassembly will usually indicate when a thrust washer change is required (except when major parts are replaced).

    0.3-1.0 mm ( 0.012-0.039 in )
    Thrust washers are located between the reaction shaft support and rear clutch retainer, and between the reaction shaft support and front clutch retainer. Mount a dial indicator to the converter housing with the dial indicator support. Make sure that the indicator plunger is seated against the end of the input shaft. When checking end play, pull out or push in the input shaft with pliers. Be careful not to scratch the input shaft. Record indicator reading for reference when reassembling the transaxle.

  1. Remove the pulse generators "A" and "B".

  1. Remove manual control lever, then remove the transaxle range switch.

  1. Remove the snap ring and kickdown servo switch.

  1. Remove 6 bolts, attach the special tools (09452-21100) and remove oil pump assembly.

    When removing the oil pump assembly, be sure to follow this procedure to prevent the damaged the of onto transaxle case.
    1. Turn the knob of both special service tools simultaneously and uniformly not to be inclined to "B" side.
    2. While turning the special service tool, tap on the "A" side of the oil pump lightly with rubber or plastic hammer if necessary.
  1. Remove the fiber thrust washer.

  1. Pull up the input shaft, and remove the front clutch assembly and the rear clutch assembly together.

  1. Remove the thrust bearing.

  1. Remove the clutch hub.

  1. Remove the thrust race and bearing.

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DISASSEMBLY (continued) 
  1. Remove the kickdown drum.

  1. Remove the kickdown band.

  1. Remove the snap ring.

  1. Attach the special tool (09453-21310) on the center support. Holding the handle of the tool, pull the center support straight upward.

  1. Remove the reverse sun gear and the forward sun gear together.

  1. Remove the planet carrier assembly and thrust bearing.

  1. Remove the wave spring, return spring, reaction plate, brake disc, and brake plate.

  1. Remove the end clutch cover mounting bolts, the cover holder, and the end clutch cover.

  1. Remove the end clutch assembly.

  1. Remove the thrust plate.

  1. Remove the end clutch hub and thrust bearing.

  1. Press the tab of the solenoid valve harness grommet and push in.

  1. Remove the 10 valve body bolts. Remove the valve body.