Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Brake Systems Anti-lock Brake System
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When the ignition switch is turned on, check that the ABS SRI goes ON for 6 seconds.

If the SRI is not illuminated immediately after ignition on, the ABS fail safe relay may be at fault.


With the ignition switch turned ON and "L" terminal of data link connector shorted to ground, diagnostic trouble code No. can be checked, if faults are detected, with reading of SRI lamp flash.

  1. Ground the "L" terminal (Pin No. 15) of data link connector with extension wire, otherwise fault code cannot be accessed.

  1. Turn the ignition switch ON.

  1. SRI lamp will illuminates for 2 seconds and followed by 3 seconds illumination meaning "Check-in" signal then read the following "Diagnostic trouble code".

  1. The first digit of Diagnostic trouble code is determined by the number of long flashes (1.5 sec.) and after the following 2 seconds break, the second digit is determined by the number of short flashes (0.5 sec.).

  1. Once the SRI lamp flashing is completed, next active trouble code or history trouble code stored at ABSCM will be followed after 3 sec. break while the "L" terminal is grounded or the ignition switch is ON.

  1. Diagnostic Trouble code will be retained in the ABSCM until the ignition has been switched ON and the vehicle speed exceeded 8km/h 20 times.

  1. Remove the battery negative (-) terminal.

  1. Disconnect the connectors and check the terminals follow the troubleshooting procedure.

    When you check terminals, be sure to use enough small pin which is not damage t the connector terminals.
    Diagnostic Trouble Code Chart