Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Fuel System MFI Control System
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An On Board Diagnostic lamp comes on to notify the driver that there is a problem in the vehicle.

However MIL will go off automatically after 3 sequential driving cycles without the same malfunction.

Immediately after the ignition switch is turned on (ON position), the malfunction indicator light is lit continuously to indicate that the malfunction indicator light operates normally.

Following Items will be Indicated by the MIL

  1. After turning on (ON position) the ignition key, check that the light illuminates continuously without the engine running.

  1. If the light does not illuminate continuously without the engine running, check for an open circuit in harness, blown fuse or blown bulb.


The ECM monitor the input/output signals (some signals at all times and the others under specified conditions). When the ECM detects an irregularity, it memorizes the diagnostic trouble code, and outputs the signal to the self-diagnosis output terminal. The diagnosis results can be read out by the Generic Scan Tool (GST). Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) will remain in the ECM as long as battery power is maintained. The diagnostic trouble code will however, be erased when the battery negative terminal or the engine control module (ECM) connector is disconnected or erased by the Generic Scan Tool.

  1. When battery voltage is low, diagnostic trouble codes can not be read. Be sure to check the battery for voltage and other conditions before starting the test.
  2. Diagnosis memory is erased if the battery or the ECM connector is disconnected. Do not disconnect the battery before the diagnostic trouble codes are completely read and recorded.
  1. Turn OFF the ignition switch.

  1. Connect the GST to the data link connector located below steering wheel.

  1. Turn ON the ignition switch.

  1. Use the GST to check the diagnostic trouble code.

  1. Repair the faulty pad from the diagnosis chart.

  1. Erase the diagnostic trouble code.

  1. Disconnect the GST