Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2001
Restraints SRS Air Bag System
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The supplement restraint system (SRS AIR BAG) is designed to supplement the seat belt to help reduce the risk or severity of injury to the driver and passenger by activating and deploying the driver and passenger side air bag in certain frontal collisions.

The SRS (Air Bag) consists of: a driver side air bag module located in the center of the steering wheel, which contains the folded cushion and an inflator unit; a passenger side air bag module located in the passenger side crash pad contains the folded cushion assembled with inflator unit; SRSCM located on the floor panel behind the T.G.S. select lever assembly which monitors the system, and accelerometer which senses the vehicle deceleration an spring interconnection (clock spring) located within the steering column; system wiring and wiring connector; and a knee bolster located under the steering column.

The impact sensing function of the SRSCM is carried out by electronic accelerometer that continuously measure the vehicle's acceleration and delivers a corresponding signal through amplifying and filtering circuitry to the microprocessor.

Deployment of the air-bag is designed to occur in frontal or near-frontal impacts of moderate of severe force. Only authorized service personnel should do work on or around the SRS components. Those service personnel should read this manual carefully before doing any such work. Extreme care must be used when servicing the SRS to avoid injury to the service personnel (by inadvertent deployment of the air bag) or the driver (by render the SRS inoperative).