Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Restraints SRS Air Bag System
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The SRS harness check (0957A-29000) is available for troubleshooting of airbag system. If a fault code is confirmed by using Scan tool, it is recommendable to check whether there is an abnormal condition in the connector or wiring around the Scan tool indicated components.

To prevent unnecessary component change, make sure where the fault exists.

Connect the harness checker as illustrated above.

Not necessarily connect all the connector of checker.

Choose the necessary connector referring to the troubled area of the system.

Dummy terminal can be used to simulate the airbag system while removing the both DAB and PAB. If the Scan tool displays that the trouble is in DAB and PAB itself, it is necessary to confirm the trouble.

To verify the source of trouble with Scan tool, first remove the DAB or PAB module connector as necessary and connect the dummy terminal to harness checker.

Then re-check with Scan tool the trouble code. If the fault is in the airbag modulator there should be no trouble codes on Scan tool screen. Otherwise, the trouble may on other components Such as connector or wiring.