Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Transaxle/Transmission Automatic Transaxle System
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  1. Remove the drive gear retaining bolts and drive gear from the differentiai case.

  1. Remove the ball bearing with the special tool (09433-21000).

  1. Drive out the lock pin with a punch inserted in hole "A."

  1. Remove the pinion shaft, pinion gears and washers.

  1. Remove the side gears and spacers. Do not mix the gears and spacers between the left and right sides.

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  1. With the spacers installed on the back of the differential side gears, install the gears into the differential case. If reusing parts, install them in the original positions noted during disassembly. If using new differential side gears, install medium thickness spacers 1.0 mm (0.039in.).

  1. Install washers on the back of the pinion gears. Install gears into the differential case, then insert the pinion shaft.

  1. Measure the backlash between the side gear and the pinion gear.

Backlash should be 0.025 - 0.150 mm (0.010-0.059 in.) and the right and left hand gear pairs should have equal backlash. If the backlash is out of specification, disassemble and reassemble using different spacers that give the correct backlash.

Backlash 0.025L - 0.150L mm ( 0.010-0.059 in )
  1. Install a new pinion shaft lock pin in the direction specified in the illustration. After installation, check that the projection is less than 3 mm (.118 in.).

    The lock pin must not be reused.
  1. Press the bearings onto both ends of the differential case. Press on the inner race when installing the bearings. Do not apply load to outer race.

  1. Install the differential drive gear onto the case.

  1. Apply ATF to the bolts and tighten the bolts to the specified torque in the sequence shown in the illustration.

    Differential drive gear case 130-140 Nm ( 1300-1400 kg·cm, 94-101 lb·ft )