Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2000
Brake Systems General
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Standard value
Brake pedal height
190.1 mm
(7.485 in.)
Stop lamp switch outer case to pedal stopper clearance
0.5-1.0 rnm
(0.020-0.040 in.)
Brake pedal free play
3-8 mm (0.118-0.315 in.)
Brake pedal to floorboard clearance
65 mm (2.56 in.) or more
Booster push rod to master cylinder piston clearance
0 (at 500 mmHg vacuum)
Parking brake lever stroke when lever assembly is pulled with 196N (20kg, 441b force)
7-8 clicks
Service limit
Front disc brake pad thickness
2.0 mm (0.079 in.)
Front disc thickness (minimum)
20 mm (0.787 in.)
Front disc runout
0.04 mm
( 0.002 in.).
Drum brake lining thickness
1.5 mm
(0.031 in.)
Brake drum I.D. (maximum)
205.2 mm
(8.079 in.)
Wheel cylinder to piston clearance
0.15 mm
(0.006 in.)