Applies to: Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 1998-2001
Brake Systems Conventional Brake System
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The brake pads have wear indicators that contact the brake disc when the brake pad thickness becomes 2 mm (0.08 in.) or less. The wear indicators will generate a squealing sound to warn the driver.

  1. Remove the lower bolt and lift the caliper assembly up and out of the way. Secure it with wire or some other retaining method.

  1. Remove the pads.

    Do not depress the brake pedal while disassembling the pads.
  1. Check the pads for wear or oil contamination and replace, if necessary.

    The pads for the right and left wheels should be replaced at the same time. Never "split" or intermix brake pad sets. All four pads must be replaced as a complete set.

    Standard value
    Service limit
    Pad thickness
    mm (in.)
    11 (0.433)
    2.0 (0.079)
  1. Check the shims for damage or deformation

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  1. Remove the snap ring.

  1. Install the special tools as illustrated.

  1. Secure the knuckle in a vise.

  1. Tighten the nut of the special tool and remove the front hub from the knuckle.

    When removing wheel hub or wheel bearing from knuckle, replace wheel bearing assembly (outer race, inner races and grease seals) with a new one.
  1. Remove the wheel bearing inner race (outside) from the front hub by using the special tool.

    When removing the inner race (outside) from the hub, be careful not to drop the hub.
  1. Install the inner race (outside) that was removed from the hub to the wheel bearing, and then use the special tool to remove the wheel bearing.

  1. Fill the wheel bearing with multipurpose grease.

  1. Apply a thin coating of multipurpose grease to the knuckle and bearing contact surfaces.

  1. Press-in the bearing by using the special tool.

    Do not press inner race of wheel bearing assembly.
  1. Install snap ring into groove of knuckle.

  1. Install the disc to the hub and torque to specification.

    Torque 50-60 Nm ( 500-600 kg·cm, 36-43 lb·ft )
  1. Use the special tool to mount the hub onto the knuckle.

  1. Tighten the hub to the knuckle to 200-260 Nm (2000-2600, 148-192 lb.ft) with the special tool.

  1. Rotate the hub to seat the bearing.

  1. Measure the hub bearing starting torque.

    Hub bearing starting torque 1.3 mm ( 13, or less in )
  1. If the starting torque is 0 Nm (0 lb-in), measure the hub bearing axial play.

  1. If the hub axial play exceeds the limit while the nut is tightened to 200-260 Nm (2,000-2,600, 148-192 lb.ft), the bearing, hub and knuckle have not been installed correctly. Repeat the disassembly and assembly procedure.

    Hub bearing axial play 0.008 mm ( 0.0003 in )
  1. Remove the special tool.