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Gen 1 (and 2?) Service Schedule, Engine and Fluid Charts


(Note: Services beyond 60K miles are not specified however they should just follow whole multiples of previous services, e.g. 70K=10K, 80K=10K, 20K & 40K, 90K=10K & 30K, 100K=10K, 20K & 50K etc. You don't just go back to the beginning like many dealerships seem to think - otherwise you'd prolong the replacement of some items e.g. fuel filter being replaced at 40K would not be done again until 100K miles hence would've done 60K miles since it was last replaced despite it requiring replacement every 40K! Takes a bit of thinking about (hence why the dealers probably get it wrong!) but if you work through it you can see why...


Service Schedule



Engine Details



Fluids Chart


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