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Hyundai Coupe Service Manuals and Other Reference Material

The following service manuals and related information are primarily for the US versions (where it's known as the Tiburon) and thus there may well be some differences to the UK/Rest of the World models, particularly when it comes to areas such as emissions control and of course which side of the car things like the steering wheel are on!

Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) (incl. F2/F2 Evo) 1996-2001

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Online Service Manual - Mechanical

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Online Service Manual - Electrical

Gen 1 and 2 Jacking Points
(from Autodata)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Parts List
(includes Evo-specific parts)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Service Schedule, Engine and Fluid Charts

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Owner's Manual (PDF)

Gen 3 (GK) /3.5 (GKFL) / SIII (GKFL2/GLS) 2002-2009

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Online Workshop Manual - Mechanical and Electrical

Gen 3-on Jacking Points
(from Autodata)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5 (GK/GKFL) Service Schedule

Hyundai Coupe SIII/TSIII (GKFL2) (2008-onwards) Service Schedule (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Owners Manual (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe SIII/TSIII (GKFL2) Sales Brochure (PDF)

Useful Hyundai-Related Links

(Note: All offsite; not hosted by NewtonNet)

Hyundai Parts Diagrams/Numbers
(My 2009 Coupe SIII specifically)

Hyundai TSBs
(My 2009 Coupe SIII specifically)

Hyundai Coupe Owners Club

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HowTo's / Guides

I've documented as 'walkthroughs' a few maintenance tasks  which might be of interest. Whilst they all directly relate to the Hyundai Coupe they will likely be applicable to other cars too with only slight variation.

Engine Crane
Engine Removal

Inlet Camshaft Replacement

Brake Disc and Caliper
Brake Discs and Pads Replacement

Electric Aerial Overhaul
Electric Aerial Overhaul

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