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Ford Fiesta 2012-2017 (Mk 7.5) Reference Material

Fiesta Brochure PDF
(dated March 2013)

Fiesta Owners Manual
(dated 2013)

Fiesta Quick Reference Guide
(dated 2014)

Fiesta Retail Price List
(dated September 2013)

Rescue Cards PDF
(shows location of airbags, reinforcements etc)

Jacking Points

Ford OBD-II System Operation
(For 2014MY US-spec but likely applicable across years and other regions)

Engine Spec Sheet

Tuning the 1L Ecoboost Engine PDF
(article from ClassicFord magazine, Feb 2017)

Submerged Timing Belt Commentary PDF
(article from Automotive Design magazine, Nov 2012)

Ford Ecoboost Presentation
(Press event in Rhône-Alpes, France, in March 2012)

Ford Ecoboost Promotional Video

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My Vehicle Summary Restricted Access

My Vehicle Software Summary
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