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To give our kitchen some 'real-life' testing, and as a much needed break from DIY, we decided to cook 120 Onion Bhajis for Gary's Caving Club Curry/Fireworks night...


In advance of the inevitable popular demand (?*) we've published the recipe below...


(* Having looked at the server logs I noticed that, believe it or not, this page had been looked at by far more people than I could ever imagine! I then found out that this page was as the top of the MSN (UK) search engine when searching for 'onion bhajis'! Not knowing how long this might last I took a screenshot below (click for larger image)...




10 kg Onions

10 cups Chick Pea Flour

20 tbsp Curry Powder

5 tsp Garam Masala




The above will make approx 120 Bhajis - you may want to adjust the quantities to suit...


Cooking Instructions


Step 1 - Peel the onions and chop

Step 2 - Mix the flour, curry powder, Garam Masala and salt into a bowl. Add water and continue stirring until a thick consistency is achieved.

Step 3 - Brown the onions and add to the mixture

Step 4 - Scoop the mixture into small golf ball size amounts - do not make them too big or else they won't cook

Step 5 - Deep fry at 175 °C for approx 5 minutes

Step 6 - Allow to drain, put them in a box big enough for 120 Bhajis and drive them to a field in Wales...

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