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Hyundai Coupe/Tiburon 2.0L
(Gen 1/2, RD/RD2, 1996-2001) Service Manual - Electrical

(also includes electro-mechanical items)

Mechanical Service Manual - Electrical Service Manual
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(A Parts List is also available)

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General (3) Body (Interior & Exterior) (1) Body Electrical System (31) Brake Systems (5) Engine Electrical System (4) Engine Mechanical System (1) Fuel System (2) Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (1) Restraints (1) Steering System (1) Transaxle/Transmission (1)

Manual Pages:

General (3) (Return to Top)
Component Location Index
Ground Location Index
In-line Connector Location Index
Body (Interior & Exterior) (1) (Return to Top)
Sunroof Schematic
Body Electrical System (31) (Return to Top)
Audio & Antenna
Sound System Schematics
Back Up Lamps
Back-Up Lamps Schematic
Cigarette Lighter/Power Outlet
Cigarette Lighter Schematic
Digital Clock Schematic
Electronic Time & Alarm Control System (ETACS)
ETACS (Electronic Time & Alarm Control System) Schematics
Fuse/Relay Box Details
Dash Fuse Box Details Schematics
Fuse and Relay Information
Gauges/Warning Indicators
Indicators and Gauges Schematics
Ground Distribution
Ground Distribution Schematics
Horns Schematic
Lighting System
Courtesy and Luggage Room Lamps Schematics
Daytime Running Lights Schematics
Front Fog Lamps Schematic
Head Lamps Schematic
Illuminations Schematics
Stop Lamps Schematic
Tail, Parking and License Lamps Schematic
Turn/Hazard Lamps Schematics
Power Distribution
Power Distribution Schematics
Power Door Locks
Power Door Locks Schematic
Power Mirrors
Power Door Mirrors Schematic
Power Windows
Power Windows Schematic
Rear Wiper/Washer
Rear Wiper and Washer Schematic
Shift and Key Lock Control System
Shift and Key Lock System Schematic
Vehicle Speed Sensor
Vehicle Speed Sensor Schematic
Control Harness
Door Harness
Engine Harness
Instrument Harness
Main Harness
Rear Harness
Brake Systems (5) (Return to Top)
Anti-lock Brake System
Anti-Lock Brake System Schematics
Brake Warning System
Brake Warning System Schematic
Engine Electrical System (4) (Return to Top)
Charging System
Charging System Schematic
Cruise Control System
Cruise Control System Schematics
Ignition System
Ignition System Schematic
Starting System
Starting System Schematic
Engine Mechanical System (1) (Return to Top)
Cooling System
Cooling System Schematic
Fuel System (2) (Return to Top)
MFI Control System
Data Link Details Schematics
Engine Control System Schematics
Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (1) (Return to Top)
Blower Controls
Blower and A/C Controls Schematics
Restraints (1) (Return to Top)
SRS Air Bag System
Air Bag System Schematic
Steering System (1) (Return to Top)
Electronic Power Steering System
Electronic Power Steering System Schematic
Transaxle/Transmission (1) (Return to Top)
Automatic Transaxle System
Automatic Transaxle Control System Schematics 

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