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Thanks for the excellent article about the boiler. After struggling for a week to find a plumber willing to tackle the job on my 90 year old granny's boiler (the granny, not the boiler!) - I found this site and thought I'd give it a go.
Anyway, the parts arrived yesterday and four hours later she was up and running!
I got caught out by the by-pass pipe, but I was trying to get the pipe in with the o-ring already in the plastic bit. Once I'd just put the o-ring onto the by-pass pipe it slipped in a treat!
The only other thing that I got slightly wrong was mixing a couple of the o-rings up - the biggest fattest one goes into the central heating flow connection, its the slightly thinner one that forms the seal between the valve itself and the plastic manifold that pushes on to it.
The new valve comes with all the o-rings that are required, but fortunately I'd also got the o-ring pack so had a spare.

Added: February 10, 2011
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Thank you very much for your article on the Worcester. It gave me the confidence to tackle the Diverter valve on my Potterton 30HE Combi. It all went smoothly and according to plan, we now have really hot water. Thanks again.

Added: February 3, 2011
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Thank you so much for providing me with the confidence to strip my 28CDI boiler down! Your website along with the boiler manual made the job easy. I went for a full diverter valve replacment (shower and tap water cyling between hot and cold every 30 secs approx) and picked one up for under 80 on the internet (good search required as some were twice this!). I stripped the old valve and once the diaphragm was cleaned up, it appeared to be intact, so a whole valve replacement was justified. I think it was just worn and partly seized (10 year old boiler now). I also ordered the packs of o-seals and fibre washers, which although good engineering practice, I did not use as the diverter came with all seals that were needed. I also took extra care to ensure all seal faces were clean and greased (unable to get a small tube of silicone grease, so saved 20 by using vaseline - just as good in small quantities)and resulted in no leaks when recommissioned! Only difficult part in the whole 3 hour procedure was getting the secondary heat exchanger back on with new o-seals. The fork-shaped clip needed a bit of filing first and several cups of tea!

Added: January 26, 2011
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Thanks for your helpful site - another cdi diaphram replaced.

I would echo the following comment from Clive below "Most important for me was to remove the o-ring from the plastic housing and fitting onto the end of the small bore by-pass pipe before reassembly.

I found it easier to put the by-pass pipe into the plastic housing before remounting the diverter assembly - didn't seem to line up quite right otherwise.

I tried and tried with the o ring already in the plastic and it just wouldnt happen - even after a break for a cup of tea.

I didnt see any evidence of any fibre washers though on disassembly, I used 2 of the large ones, both of them the 3/4" size on the 2 pipes that had nuts on.

Initially I had a leak on the one from the pump onto the divertor valve, had to drain down again but could just get this bolt off without removing anything else, on doing so I couldnt see the fibre washer I was sure I put there - anyway, put one on, tightened it up and all was well - fingers crossed.

I'd say all in, draining down and filling the system, took me close on 4 hours and lots of worrying ;-) Glad I did it though, must have saved a couple of hundred, but gained a few more grey hairs!

Added: January 16, 2011
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Replaced the worcester boiler diaphragm yesterday. 3 hour job, no leaks, saved me 250 and now have all the hot water I need. Thanks :thumbsup:

Added: January 9, 2011
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Hi, thanks for the hyundai coupe workshop manual, a great help with many things, rest of your site is interesting too, thanks again.

Added: December 29, 2010
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followed this oct last year worked great up until now once again followed it throught got the diaphram out its brand new so thats not the prob start scratching ov the head time for now a small pebble came out withthe excess water thought that would hve been it but no problem now water coming from the overflow outside constantly

Added: December 3, 2010
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Perfect!..I've just bought a MkI f2, with the intention of working on it through the winter, and was amazed to find there is no manual available for it (nearly 15 years after it was launched...come on Haynes!), but this website is far better! I shall keep the window open 24/7...

Added: October 30, 2010
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Many thanks for the Worcester 28CDi information. I was going to tackle this replacement but with some trepidation. After finding your site I now have a renewed confidence that I will be able to complete the procedure.

Added: October 21, 2010
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A big thanks for the Worcester Diverter Valve/Diaphragm guide!

I'm an electrician with reasonable level of skills when it comes to these kind of things, but this post really helped and probably saves me a few hours invesigating! Thanks to your post I changed the Diaphragm in less than an hour, with the boiler back to normal operation. I'm sure your post has saved me in the region of a 200 call out bill. Although parts where still in the 50 region - Shocking prices for this kind of thing - 21+VAT for Diaphragm at local merchants after already spending 10 on duff one at eBay! Then 10 and 8 respectively for the NEEDED o-ring and fibre washers.


Added: October 12, 2010
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