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Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution

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 Hyundai Coupe F2 Evolution

Engine: 4cyl 16v DOHC Size: 2L Max Speed: 130mph
0-62mph: 8.1secs Max Power: 154bhp Max Torque: 190Nm
Wheels: 7.0J x 16 Tyres: 205/45 R16 Brakes: Vented Disc
Security: Cobra Cat 1 Insurance Group: 12A Price: 19,299 (OTR)

Hyundai UK Press Release for the F2 Evo - 14 Jun 1999


A new road going version of the Hyundai Coupe F2 Rally car appeared in UK showrooms on 14 June 1999. Called the Coupe F2 Evolution and priced at 19,299, the car boasts more power than the current Coupe, and a whole host of interior and exterior modifications that have taken styling cues from the Hyundai World rally programme.

Power on the F2 Evolution has been increased by 12% to 154bhp, and maximum torque has increased from 134lbs ft at 4900rpm to 140lbs ft at 4900rpm. This has been possible through fitting a larger bore exhaust and changing the car’s fuel inlet camshaft. This increase in power has also helped reduce the 0-62mph dash from 8.6 to 8.1 seconds.

McLaren F1 stylist Peter Stevens and Hyundai World Rally team Motor Sport Developments (MSD) have both helped Hyundai in their bid to make the road going Coupe look more like the F2 rally car. On the exterior the F2 Evolution has new bigger 16 inch five-spoke alloy wheels shod with lower profile Yokohama tyres, while a Peter Stevens-designed deeper front spoiler and rear spoiler complete with integral brake light has helped further transform the Coupe’s curvy exterior.

On the inside a mixture of leather and chrome helps brighten up the car’s interior, while cream dials give the driver more of a sporty feel. Each F2 Coupe receives an uprated Sony CD system and a Thatcham Category 1 alarm system. These changes add to the lengthy list of standard equipment on the Coupe, which includes ABS brakes, leather upholstery, cruise control, electric windows, sunroof and mirrors.

Hyundai plans to produce around 1,500 of this limited edition model."

Further info at Wikipedia

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Service Manuals and Other Reference Material

The following service manuals and related information are primarily for the US versions of the Coupe (known as the Tiburon) and thus there may well be some differences to the UK/Rest of the World models, particularly when it comes to areas such as emissions control and of course which side of the car things like the steering wheel are on!

Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) (incl. F2/F2 Evo) 1996-2001

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Online Service Manual - Mechanical

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Online Service Manual - Electrical

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Parts List
(includes Evo-specific parts)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Service Schedule, Engine and Fluid Charts

Hyundai Coupe Gen 1/2 (RD/RD2) Owner's Manual (PDF)

Gen 3/3.5 (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) (incl. SIII/TSIII) 2002-2008

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Online Workshop Manual - Mechanical and Electrical
(Note: Requires Flash)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Shop Manual - Mechanical, Electrical and Body (PDF)
(Note: Might be more comprehensive than the online manual above however it is a single 135MB PDF download!)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5 (GK/GKFL) Service Schedule

Hyundai Coupe SIII/TSIII (GKFL2) (2008-onwards) Service Schedule (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Owners Manual (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe Gen 3/3.5/SIII/TSIII (GK/GKFL/GKFL2) Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

Hyundai Coupe SIII/TSIII (GKFL2) Sales Brochure (PDF)

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HowTo's / Guides

I've documented as 'walkthroughs' a few maintenance tasks  which might be of interest. Whilst they all directly relate to the Hyundai Coupe they will likely be applicable to other cars too with only slight variation.

Engine Crane
Engine Removal

Inlet Camshaft Replacement

Brake Disc and Caliper
Brake Discs and Pads Replacement

Electric Aerial Overhaul
Electric Aerial Overhaul


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Fuel Consumption

Whilst this type of car and the topic of fuel consumption don't tend to go hand in hand I do use the car as my daily run-around and with a 50-mile round-trip commute the issue of running costs could potentially become quite significant. Thankfully the Coupe is managing an average of around 35mpg without difficulty, indeed I drive how I want to and certainly don't strive for efficiency so all-in-all it's not doing too bad at all

Average fuel consumption since 2002

You can download the figures and calculation method here (Excel spreadsheet)

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